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"Virginia" underwear sells the US market-威尼斯彩票网站-澳门威尼斯误乐城4531j.com

Reporters learned yesterday from the parties concerned, as the world's largest women's underwear chest cup manufacturers, Virginia in the face of the financial crisis, enrollment of nearly 3,000 employees, staff salaries continue to improve, while innovative research and development of new products, orders are not Down and increase, enterprises continue to grow and develop.

Victoria Jenny is a Hong Kong-owned enterprises, after 20 years of development, from the initial 65 people to the development of the current more than 16,000 people, becoming the world's largest women's underwear chest cup manufacturers and second-class ladies finished product design and production base. Last year, the financial crisis spread in the world, underwear industry also suffered a severe test. The company's orders compared with the same period last year did not drop rather than increase its own research and development of a underwear selling the US market, and become the US underwear market in the financial crisis, the only impact of the product did not cut prices.

The financial crisis broke out over the past year, Virginia company not only do not cut jobs without pay, the total number of employees also increased by nearly 3,000 people, the average monthly salary of employees remained at 1,800 yuan, other benefits have improved.